We Think Not.

So, we had 64 write-ins entered in the 2023 OBE. Of those, we permitted 46 (generous) and updated our database with those names. That leaves 18 dreaded ***Not A Celebrity*** picks.

And so......the 19 people listed below are ***Not A Celebrity*** for the 2023 OBE. They just aren't. Nope. No way, no how. Don't complain. Don't argue. Don't weep. Just read and learn...

Andy Taylor
Anthony Zerbe
Bernard Kalb
Bud Grant
Dawn Lyn
Gary Rossington
James Burton
Jean Chretien
Jonnie Irwin
June Spencer
Les McCann
Marv Levy
Michael Tilson Thomas
Nick Clooney
Peter Angelos
Sister Jean BVM
Stanley Baxter
Steve Roland
Thomas Noguchi
Tim Green
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